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About M.A.K.S. Incorporated

Established in 1989, M.A.K.S, Incorporated is a Leader in Integrating Electronic and Software Engineering, Design and Product Development with Printed Circuit Board Manufacturing and Assembly Capabilities.

M.A.K.S provides a broad range of innovative electronic products and services designed to meet and exceed our clients' needs.

M.A.K.S is focused on providing state-of-the-art solutions that are cost effective, efficient and of the highest quality. We pride ourselves in:

  • Our commitment to providing value to our clients
  • Our focus on quality in every product and service we provide
  • Our determination to surpass our clients' expectations

We encourage creativity, honesty and integrity in everything we do and strive to do all we can to improve our clients' success.

M.A.K.S. Incorporated

We are dedicated to helping our clients:

Save Money and Reduce Costs

At M.A.K.S, Incorporated, we help our clients realize material cost savings through our cost-efficient manufacturing and product re-design that take advantage of new, lower-cost technology. We also periodically review your products to ensure optimal performance and identify potential improvements and savings.

Keep Inventories Low and Meet Demand Needs

M.A.K.S, Inc. will work with you to develop a flexible production schedule that matches your company's demand fluctuations. We can even supply just a portion of your demand to handle unexpected peaks and fluctuations, eliminating extra inventory and unnecessary air freight costs and giving you the protection of an additional source.

Develop Ideas and Concepts into Profitable Products

Our engineering staff has extensive R&D experience to develop concepts into products and will assist you at every step of the process. We will partner with you to develop your ideas into profitable solutions to meet your needs.

Handle Emergency Needs

Emergencies can arise for many reasons, but whatever your situation may be, we are ready to meet your needs for design, development, product and service quickly and reliably.

Stay on the Leading Edge of Technology

M.A.K.S, Inc. engineers continually investigate the latest technological advances - including their advantages and applications - and partner with our clients to provide innovative, leading-edge solutions and products.

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